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The story behind the yoga

“Anna created a perfect blend of an interesting, as well as helpful, as well as challenging class. I've always loved yoga, but taking this class has inspired me to continue a practice over the summer, and to explore different techniques. There are definitely some difficult positions that I would like to keep working on. It was such a peaceful environment where I could come to terms with my problems, Thank you!”



High School Student, 2013 NYC

“I have totally become a better yoga. I've loosened my back, hamstrings and I've connected with myself! It was very low key but still effective, if I could not get into a deeper position there were always alternatives, and it was a good environment. I developed new skills throughout yoga. My concentration and balance has  become more developed. I now feel comfortable attending an out of school yoga class, and at the start of the year I had never done yoga before."



High School Student, 2012 NYC


June 2014

JUVÉ Festival in NYC

Teen yoga festival


September 2013

YogaGlo offers Teen Classes Online

October 2013

Master Class with Acro Yogis Greg Franklin and Eleanor Bramwell

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